The Most Effective Marketing Tactic

You probably had the idea years ago. You woke up thinking about it in the middle of the night. You spent every spare moment nurturing it. You spent countless hours working the ins and outs until you had a product that you are proud of.

Now it’s time to sell your product. How do you market it?

Did you know that people form their first impression of something within a mere 50 milliseconds? That’s one quick glance that you have to grab their attention.

You had better make those 50 milliseconds worth while!

In addition to (or maybe because of) this short time frame that viewers will spend forming their impression, studies show that people can only recall 20% of material they read, whereas they can recall 80% of what they see.

How does this translate to your marketing strategy?

Images will set the mood for your brand and they will make your potential customers feel a certain way about your product. The emotional connection that your images create will help people remember your brand, building trust and a relationship with them. Images will give your brand an identity that people will remember, thus giving you more brand awareness.

In short, compelling imagery is the number one way to make your brand stick out!

Here’s the thing, in our day and age, most of our shopping happens online (whether or not we are actually going to buy the product online or not, this is still where it starts). According to the #1 ecommerce website, Xcart, one of their retailers, “increased conversions 300% by simply having bigger, better product images."

Put yourself in the shoes of a shopper. You’re searching online for a product and you come across virtually the same product on two separate websites. One site has professional imagery and the other has D.I.Y. cell phone imagery. Which site are you more likely to buy from? I would venture to say that even if the D.I.Y. website charges less for their product, you will be more likely to pay more for the product from the more professional and polished seller. It all comes down to that image.

According to PRWD, “In user research [they] have observed that images are the first thing users look at to make a decision, not the price or product description, as many retailers assume. They browse through a product range or result page looking in detail at images they are attracted to and compare images to narrow down their choice.”

In addition, “They were drawn to the products which were ‘dressed’ and more of a lifestyle shot within the context of a room. They explained that they could imagine this product in their home when they saw it in context of a bedroom or a lounge with other furniture, as opposed to a standalone picture.”

This is the reason why my focus is on what I refer to as “lifestyle product photography.” I’m convinced that if people start picturing your product in their everyday lives that they will feel like they can’t live without it, thus going from potential customers to happy owners of your product.

The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” couldn’t be more true in today’s world of online marketing and social media!

So where does that leave you? You want to raise awareness for your brand and sell more so you can live the life you imagined, right?

I’m here to tell you how!

I am excited to announce a new subscription package for my product photography services! Here’s the deal, I know that a lot of you launch new products all the time. In addition, you probably struggle to stay on top of having seasonal images to share on your website and social media. So I am here to make it easier for you. I am now offering a quarterly (think seasonal) subscription for photos. This subscription will come with four photo session per year. Each photo session comes with 30 images. 

No more wondering how to market your product. No more worrying about how you’re going to get everything done. More time spent basking in your success!

All you have to do to take advantage of this amazing deal is contact me here. It's that simple!

Who's in?