How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a helpful tool you can use to drive traffic to your Instagram feed. I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to use hashtags here. I hope it helps you up your Instagram game!

  1. Use as many as you can: You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, and I recommend using as many as you can to help maximize your traffic.

  2. Post them in the comments: To avoid cluttering up your original post you can put your hashtags in a separate comment below. It will drive traffic just the same wherever you post them.

  3. Research: Make sure to set aside time to research appropriate hashtags for your future posts. That way you can easily and quickly attach constructive hashtags to a post when the time comes.

  4. Copy and Paste: I create a bank of hashtags on different themes and then copy and paste them into the comments after I post. Most planning software comes with a built in section to keep your hashtags, but if you don’t use any planning software you can use a notes app on your phone to store these. I have found that it is most helpful to keep sets of 15 hashtags specific to a theme and then I can post a couple different sets if I need to.

  5. Change them up: Try not to post the exact same set of hashtags on each post. If you continue to post the same set each time Instagram might think you are spammy and this will act against you getting seen. That is part of the reason why I keep my sets to 15 hashtags, so that I can switch it up easily.

  6. Use local hashtags: I make sure to use local hashtags often. This means that I research the location I am posting about first and make a bank of hashtags for that location. For instance, if I am posting about my hometown, Tacoma, Washington I make sure to use hashtags like #tacoma_wa, #gritcity or #heartoftacoma.

  7. Use specific hashtags: When you use general hashtags like #love or #happy your post gets buried in seconds. Try to find niche hashtags that are smaller and more specific to you (but don’t get too specific). I try to find hashtags that have more than a few hundred posts.

  8. Make your own hashtag: If you are promoting a brand you can create your own hashtag and encourage your customers to use it too. It will help create brand awareness, and you can follow hashtags now too! Encourage your followers to use your hashtag by putting it in your bio.