A Peak Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how I light my photos or how I have so many different surfaces to work with? Here is a peak behind the scenes of a photo I created. Keep scrolling down to read a little bit more about how I set things like this up too!


Above are the finished photos that I created. Below you will find a zoomed out version of the scene. (Keep scrolling for some tips to creating your own photos!)


A few things I’d like to share regarding this little peak into how I work:

1. Backdrops

As you see here, I don’t actually have a bunch of different pretty counter space in my workspace. I use vinyl backdrops to create the feel of marble, cement and different wood backdrops, etc. They come rolled up in a handy tube, easy for taking with me on location or rolling out on my own dining room table! My favorite are from this Etsy shop, because when you buy three, you get a fourth free! I have some that are 2’x3’ and some that are 2’x2.’ If you primarily shoot little scenes for Instagram the square version is really all you need, but if you occasionally shoot for website banners or rectangular pictures it’s nice to have the extra foot of space. And of course these only work for small scenes of things like food or flatlays. Lastly, make sure to carry around some little weights or packing tape with these as they like to roll back up without a little help!

2. Lighting

In this case I’ve pulled my table to a place where the window light is giving me a bit of side light on this overcast day. I typically prefer ambient window light when I can get it, and I use it coming from any direction, depending on what vibe I am going for. The darker the day, the closer I am to the window. If it’s a sunny day I get a little further away to keep the light from being too harsh. That means that on sunny days I will sometimes work on the floor, whereas on cloudy days I usually keep the scene on the table where it is closer to the light source.

3. Styling

A note on styling photos. My number one rule is to keep it simple! I think these photos really exemplify that. I could have been tempted to add the cup of coffee I was drinking or the bouquet of tulips from my counter to the scene but keeping it simple really showcases my subject; the macarons! In addition, the one thing I did add to scene was a little bit of texture in the clothe under the plate (while still keeping it simple and cohesive by choosing a color that matched my subject).

Do you have any questions about this scene or how I like to work? Comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions!