Photography Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Light: 

Light is the most important part of photography. When I am photographing product I make sure to turn off any artificial lights in my workspace and open all the blinds. I find a window with lots of light pouring in. If I am photographing a small product and the window doesn't go all the way to the floor I often times use a table or countertop to get my product closer to the light source. 

2. Environment:

There is a time and place for simply popping your product onto a white backdrop, this is helpful in some situations, however I try to get the product into an environment. People will resonate more with it and feel the need to buy if they can picture how they would use the product. Simple things like lighting the candles that you are photographing will make it feel real. Adding action such as pouring coffee into the mug you are photographing is the perfect touch.

3. Depth:

Giving a simple photo depth can be difficult, especially if you are using a phone to photograph. One thing that helps is to move your product away from your backdrop. If you have the ability to change your aperture or f/stop, use the smallest number available and your background will be softer when you focus on your product. If you are photographing food, adding a textured cloth under the dish provides depth as well.

4. Simplicity:

Don't over think your photos and add too much clutter in for props. A simple prop speaks more, lets your work stand out, and gives your photos elegance. For instance, when styling a pine scented beard oil use a sprig or two of pine or a few pine cones, don't bring in the whole tree. 

5. Take the Time to Get it Right

This may be the most difficult part of the process for a lot of busy entrepreneurs, but it's so important! Take the time to clear off the countertop and wipe it off because the camera doesn't lie! Style baked goods on a pretty plate instead of snapping a picture on the cooling rack. Grab a step stool if you think the angle might look better from above (or squat down to get level with your subject). If your photos just aren't coming out how you imagined them, change the direction of the light or take the time to rearrange your frame. It's worth it to get the perfect shot!