Brand Photography

One of my biggest passions is working alongside local businesses to photograph their process and products! I love photographing people creating beautiful items in their studios, workshops, or kitchens and then styling those items for simple, authentic images that sell. I primarily work with businesses that sell everyday luxury items; things like small batch candles, handcrafted cupcakes, and artisan ice cream. Brand photography is about more than crafting an Instagram feed that is pleasing to the eye. Brand photography takes it one step further by defining how you want your customers to feel, and making these emotions and connections a reality.

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Social Media Management

In our current market having a beautiful and engaging Instagram is key to success in reaching new customers and keeping loyal ones that return again and again. My social media management service combines brand photography and social media management with the goal of helping you grow your reach and recognition, both locally and on a larger scale. We regularly work together to build a beautiful portfolio of Instagram photography alongside the social media efforts necessary to gain and retain engagement with your community.

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Social Media COnsulting

This service is designed to help you find out what you can be doing on social media to grow a loyal following who are willing to support you every step of the way. Whether you are a lifestyle blog or store, in the food industry, or promoting a physical product, I am here to help you define and achieve measurable goals. We’ll dive deep into how you can make your feed more compelling with practical tips and a strategy moving forward!


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