hello, cupcake

A pink bike leans against an outside wall and penny tile shaped like a cupcake greets you underfoot as you walk in the door. Meticulously handcrafted cupcakes line simple cake stands and a delicious smell wafts out of the kitchen.  This is hello, cupcake, Tacoma’s premier cupcake bakery.

Hello, cupcake has a monthly social media management contract with me. My goal is to grow their reach and recognition through lifestyle brand imagery, a beautiful Instagram feed and compelling captions that keep their audience engaged.


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“Our passion is fueled by the opportunity to take part in life’s joyful moments—whether it’s passing an algebra test, getting a promotion, or marrying your best friend. Every day is a reason to celebrate, and if you ask us, every celebration is a reason to eat cupcakes!”


mint green, soft pink, grey, white


simple, elegant, and delicious


  1. A girl in her twenties who likes to visit with friends and instagram about it.

  2. A mom with young kids who brings them in for a treat and orders cupcakes for their birthdays.


“We put so much thought and attention to detail into how our cupcakes look, and before we started using Effie’s Photography, our photos really didn’t do all of that work justice. Thanks to Effie, we now have beautiful photographs that truly represent our product on our website and on social media, and we’ve seen a lot more engagement from our customers because of that.

[In addition] When I see the posts [on Instagram] each day, it’s such a weight off my shoulders to know that we’re being promoted constantly, our following is growing, and I hardly have to do a thing! Instagram especially feels so much more valuable than other forms of advertising, because every post is an ad that doesn’t feel like an ad. The posts help strengthen our brand and keep us ever-present in the minds of our customers.”

-Allix Zemcik, Owner of hello, cupcake