Why I Changed My Business's Name

When I started this small business journey I just wanted to be a photographer. I didn’t have any particular direction I wanted to take it, as long as I had my eye behind a lens. And so Effie’s Photography was born.

Over the first 5 years of my business that is exactly what I was, a jack-of-all-trades photographer. Then in 2016 a new dream started to form, a dream to help brands grow their reach and recognition through simple, lifestyle images.

A year later, as I continued to dream, I launched a new side to my business; social media management. With this new service that I offered suddenly the name “Effie’s Photography” didn’t seem to tell the whole story.

So, with much thought and deliberation, I decided to begin the journey of changing my business’s name to just be MY name: Effie Gurmeza. Along with that came a brand refresh which I am so excited to share with you today as well!

I hope that going forward I can serve brands by growing their reach and recognition, not just through photography, but also through curating beautiful Instagram feeds and telling their stories on social media.

Without further ado, here is my new brand, created by Trish of The Mahoney Studio!

Logo (1).jpg

She also created me some fun icons that represent my services; photography, social media management and social media consulting.

download (1).jpeg

I hope you will continue on this journey with me! Up next? My new website!