A Quick Start Guide to Tagging Your Product on Instagram

I recently asked what your biggest questions about Instagram are and one of the things you asked was how to tag products in your posts. Ask and you shall receive! Here is a quick start guide for how to tag products with the shopping feature on Instagram: 

1. First of all, make sure you have a business profile on Instagram. If you don't, just click on “Edit Profile” and then “Try Instagram Business Tools.”

2. Now make sure your Instagram page is linked to your business Facebook account/page. Go to settings, then linked accounts, then Facebook to accomplish this. 

3. Then you'll need to add a “shop” section on your Facebook page. See the “shop” tab on the left sidebar navigation on your page to do this.

4. Instagram will now review your account for access to the shopping feature and once you are approved they will notify you (usually within a couple of days). There should be an alert at the top of your profile page where you can click “get started” but if you don’t see it there you can go into your settings and click “product tagging” to get started!