Instagram Stories New Feature: The Quiz Sticker

Let’s talk about Instagram stories!

Instagram stories are a good way to connect with your followers and show up for them in different ways. When you use stories, keep in mind that the same rules for engagement apply to them as they do to your regular posts. The more your clients watch and engage with your stories the higher up on their feed your stories will appear.

A great way to get your audience engaged with your Instagram stories is to use stickers! Once you pick a photo or video to post on your story you can find the sticker button on the top right menu. The newest sticker that Instagram has released is the quiz sticker.

The quiz sticker gives you the ability to ask a multiple choice question of your followers that they can answer on your stories (hello, engagement!). The sticker will then tell them if they got it right with a sprinkle of confetti or wrong and what the correct answer was.

Here are some fun ideas for how to use the quiz sticker to get your audience engaged!

  1. Test your followers knowledge of your brand.

    Example: Which service does my brand offer? a. catering b. brand photography c. babysitting

  2. Ask your followers to pick the emoji that best describes your brand.

    Example: Which emoji best describes my brand? a. 📷b. 🍦c. 💐

  3. Highlight a sale (it’ll peak their interest and alert them of a sale all in one).

    Example: Which service do we currently have on sale? a. brand photography b. social media management c. social media consulting

  4. Highlight a popular product by asking a question about it or asking which product is more popular with your customers.

    Example: Which product is our best seller? a. brand photography b. social media management c. social media consulting

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for how YOU can use Instagram’s new quiz sticker on your Instagram stories!