Instagram Q. and A.

Q. What should my profile picture be?

A. If you are a small creative business and include a lot of your life in your feed then use a headshot of yourself. If you are a brick and mortar business, a bigger brand, have a recognizable logo or you are not your business (you don’t post about yourself and you don’t interact directly with your clients/customers) then use your logo.

Q. How personal should my Instagram be?

A. Personally as a creative and someone who interacts directly with my clients, I like to include a personal touch on my Instagram. I include pretty pictures of my life and family often. It is part of me and by extension of me, my brand. That being said, I manage Instagram accounts for other local businesses that or not at all personal and it works great for them! I do encourage my clients to show behind the scenes shots either way and definitely have people show up in your feed, even if they aren’t you!

Q. How often should I post?

A. It’s not as big of a deal how often you post as it is to be regular about it. Make a plan and stick to it. If you decide to post twice a week stick to those regular days because people will start to expect to see you at that time. Remember that with the algorithm posting quality posts are better than frequent posts.

Q. How do you “re-gram” someone?

A. Once you have permission (Take a deeper look at the legalities of re-gramming here), the simplest way to regram someone is to screenshot the image. Next, crop the image to how they originally posted it. (No more. You don’t want to see their caption or handle in the photo. No less. Please honor their art by not cropping smaller than the original image.) Then take it on into Instagram. Be sure to credit them by tagging them in your caption (📷: @effiegurmeza).