How to Host an Instagram Giveaway

Before you host a giveaway on Instagram (or Facebook), you need to determine what desired outcome is. Do you want to increase your followers, or are you more interested in increasing your engagement, or is there something else you are trying to do?

I want to share one way to host a giveaway with you today, that will help you increase your followers and get more eyes on your account.

Pair Up

For this type of giveaway you may want to pair up with an account of about the same size as yours (bonus for a bigger account with more followers that will see it). Make sure this person’s account compliments yours and that you have common ground. For instance, if you sell face lotion, you could pair up with someone else in the beauty industry, like a lash and brow boutique. Or if you sell an everyday luxury product like candles, find a couple people who sell little luxuries like chocolate or wine to create a gift basket. Pairing up with someone who’s clients have similar interests to yours is a great way to gain more traction with your giveaway.


Take a simple photograph of the things that you are giving away and post it to Instagram. Make sure to tell people how to enter the giveaway, and a timeframe in which to do so (smaller accounts probably want more time, whereas larger accounts may gain enough traction with a 24 hour timeframe).


In order to enter the giveaway what should people have to do? Well you don’t want it to be too complicated (I’m looking at you, follow trains!). Think back to your goal of growing your follower base. The best way to gain more followers is to have people tag their friends on the giveaway. Make sure to tell them to follow you first. Then have them tag friends (each friend is a separate entry, in a separate comment so it’s easy to count). The hope is their friends will want to win too, and will tag more people, and it will snowball. In addition to this, you can tell them that they’ll get an extra entry for sharing your post on their feed, or in their stories (and have them make sure to tag you). This will get the eyes of their followers who they didn’t take the time to tag on your giveaway too.


When the time comes to close the giveaway, pick a random commenter to win. You can do this by counting the number of comments (and shares) and using the random number generator on Google. Then count comments to that number and you have a winner! Then update your post to say that the giveaway is closed and announce your winner by tagging them at the top of your post.

I find that it is easiest to direct message your winner with details on how to claim their prize. Keep in mind that if it’s a large prize or you are a location based business, you might want to do local pick up only. If you are an Etsy seller or selling via e-commerce of some sort, I would recommend being willing to cover shipping cost to your winner though.

It’s as simple as that! Questions? Leave them in the comments!