What is Engagement Rate and Why Should I Care?

Okay, so what’s all this hype about engagement on Instagram?

Well, a while back Instagram changed how you see posts in your feed. Instead of showing posts in chronological order, they now evaluate what you want to see based on your previous likes and comments. This means in order to have your posts seen by your followers, you have to keep them engaged (liking and commenting) with your content.

In a previous post I gave you some tips on keeping your followers engaged. Now I’d like to talk about how to find out how well you are doing on that. Your engagement rate is a stat you can find to help you gauge how well you are doing. If you have a good engagement rate, then great, keep doing what you are doing! If you have a low rate, then let’s take a step back and re-read these tips and re-evaluate what and how you are posting.


Wait, so what is a low engagement rate and what is a good one?

Most people agree that anything below a 1% engagement rate is low; between 1%-5% is a pretty average rate, between 5%-10% is looking good, and anything above that is excellent. Accounts with less followers actually have a better chance at these higher engagement rates so take this all with a grain of salt. And remember, any progress is good progress so don’t let a low rate get you down, just take it as a sign that you need to put in a little more TLC on your posts.

So how do you find your engagement rate?

It’s the total number of likes and comments on your post (engagement) divided by your total number of followers. Take that number and multiply it by 100 to get your engagement rate percentage. So (engagement/followers) x 100 = engagement rate %.

download (2).jpeg

For example if my post has 155 likes and 15 comments that’s 170 engagements. Let’s say I have 2,000 followers. So I’ll divide 170 by 2,000 to get 0.085 and then multiply that by 100 to get my engagement rate of 8.5%.

Of course, you will want to pull multiple posts to check your engagement rate to get an average for your posts before jumping to any conclusions for your account. It is also helpful to keep track of which posts perform with the best engagement rates so that you can evaluate what type of posts your followers would like to see the most going forward.