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2017 Year in Review // Part 2

Last year in my year in review post I talked about how my vision for 2017 included expanding the product photography side of my business and I am happy to say that I have had huge success in this area! I've been able to connect with multiple new businesses in the area, as well as old ones, to create images for their websites, social media and marketing needs.

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2017 Year in Review // Part 1

It's been three months since I had the chance to sit down and blog. What a whirlwind ending to the year! 

Every year I go through all of the photo sessions I've done and pick out my favorite images. It is incredibly encouraging for me to look back on the past year of photographs and memories and see how much I have grown and changed as a photographer. This year as I started to compile a folder of my favorites, I quickly realized that there was no way I could fit them into one manageable blog post, so I've decided to separate them into two categories. Today I am sharing just portraits with you.

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Product Photography // Paper Luxe

Paper Luxe is the cutest little shop specializing in paper and gifts! Every time I'm in Jenn commiserates with me about having a toddler as she helps me pick out the perfect gift or card. She and her sweet mom, Laurie, co-own the little shop, tucked away under some offices in University Place. It's the perfect one stop shop for a gift, card AND the wrapping paper!

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