Why I'm Not Using Instagram's New Auto-Posting Feature

Users have been asking Instagram to add an auto-posting feature for a long time. Well, it’s finally here, at least if you have a business account. But it’s a little restrictive at this point and here is why I won’t be using it yet.


1. Geotags

You cannot geotag your location ahead of time when you use auto-posting. This is huge! Statistically, posts with geotags get 79% more engagement than those without. This is largely due to the fact that when you geotag your post it shows up in a larger pool of photos with that same geotag. When people are exploring they can search for a certain location and will see your images in that pool. Instagram has also recently added a feature where you can follow geotags so this is even more important than ever now! If you use auto-posting you will still need to go into your post and edit it in order to add a geotag.

2. Hashtags

If you like to hide your hashtags in the comments like I do, you will still have to go in and manually add them after the post goes live. Hashtags are another important tool for getting discovered on Instagram. You can use 30 hashtags for each post, but nobody actually wants to see them. It just clutters up your post! I keep a pool of relevant hashtags ready to go in my planning app and post them in the comments directly after posting my content. It is important to post the hashtags right away for them to be most effective. Because I would still have to go in and add this hashtag comment when my post is published, auto-posting doesn’t make sense for me!

3. Post Type

You cannot post carousels or videos with auto-posting. This is not quite as big of a deal for me, but it is for those of you who often post this type of content. Basically, auto-post only works with the most stripped down features of the app. 

What are your thoughts on auto-posting? Have you tried it yet?