My Favorite Behind the Scenes Business Tool and Why

One of my goals through my blog is to help other small business owners by sharing things that have helped me grow and flourish as a small business. One of these things is having a client management software! I tried out a few different systems before landing on Dubsado and today I want to share with you why I love this system and will be sticking with it for the long run!

  1. It helps me stay organized:

    With a built in calendar (that syncs to my Google calendar), address book, invoices, contracts, to do lists, call logs, etc all in the same place it’s hard not to be organized! Even when I’m busy and on a string of sleepless nights (hello, other working moms!) I don’t forget where I’m at on a project or what I’ve talked to my clients about already.

  2. The Dashboard:

    One thing I love about the main dashboard (your personal home page) in Dubsado is that you can set a financial goal and have it show you progress. Being a goal oriented person, but also not a good bookkeeper, this is a handy tool for me to see where I am at with my financial goals and motivates me to hit them!

  3. Proposals:

    I love being able to send out clean, professional and clear proposals to my clients! This makes my job so much easier because expectations are laid clearly for each job and are easy to look back on to make sure I’ve met all of the needs I said I would!

  4. Job Boards:

    This just might be my favorite feature on Dubsado! If you’ve ever used Trello, this is basically like a built in Trello board feature where you can organize in columns. I use this feature to organize my shot lists and inspiration for photo sessions!

  5. The boring stuff (Contracts, Invoices and Automation):

    The boring parts of my job are things like contracts, but Dubsado makes it easy to click a button and send out my contract for a job. Then my clients can sign online and get it right back over to me hassle free! Same easy functionality with invoices, so I’m not tied up behind a computer constantly! You can even automate stuff like this and reminder emails so that the system does it all for you! (It’s especially helpful if you deal with monthly subscription type clients!)

  6. Client Portals:

    This is a super cool feature about Dubsado! I can set up a portal and drop shared documents on it (basically anything I’ve already talked about in this post can go on it if I want it to). It’s especially handy for sharing job boards so that we can collaborate to create a vibe and shot list for a photo session!

  7. Family Run:

    I love supporting smaller, family run businesses like my own! I love that the owners of Dubsado are a husband and wife team who are supporting their family through creating this software for other small businesses. I love knowing that my money is going to support them and their family rather than some big corporation. I also love that their roots are in creative fields and so Dubsado is perfectly optimized for small creative businesses like mine!

If you are interested in checking out Dubsado you can use this link or the code “effie” to get started with a little discount! (This post is not sponsored my Dubsado, I just really love their software!)