How to Style Photos in a Messy House

Often times people ask me, “is your house really always that clean? How do your pictures come out so clean and uncluttered?” Although I do keep a pretty clean and uncluttered house (for my own sanity), the answer is no, it’s not always perfectly clean and my dishes are not always done. The key to styling photos in a messy house is that your camera sees selectively. It doesn’t know that there is a pile of laundry on the couch behind you or that your kid is screaming upstairs (thank goodness!!!)

Here are a few other tips to styling photos in a messy house.

1. Shoot flatlays! You can find a whole blog post with tips on shooting flatlays over here. They are a great way to showcase some cute props or a quote without showing the rest of your messy house. All you need is about a 3 foot by 3 foot area of clean floor space (inside or out) and a white poster board!


2. Clear off one small counter near a window and it makes a perfect spot to style your coffee or meal. Many of my photos are styled on my kitchen counter with a pile of dishes behind me! Just don’t forget to wipe any food splatters away first ;)

EffiesPhotography (1).jpeg

3. Keep one wall simple. It’s tempting to fill every wall of your house with pretty pictures and artwork you love but keeping a decent sized space (4 or 5 feet) free of wall hangings will give you a great spot to take photos! Make sure the wall you choose has good window light! Even better if your walls are a light neutral color!

EffiesPhotography (2).jpeg

4. Shove everything into the closet, the other room or behind the couch when you want to take a wider room shot. Like I said previously, your camera sees selectively and no one else will know what’s behind that closet door!

EffiesPhotography (3).jpeg