What to Wear for your Family Photos

After recently having my own family photos taken I realized again how much work goes into planning out the perfect outfits for everyone to wear. So I want to share some helpful tips with you so that your planning process goes smoothly! 

1. Choose a Color Palette: 

First of all choose your color palette. Think about the environment the photos will be taken in and make sure it goes. Then think about the style of your home, what color your walls are, etc. The finished product has a good chance of being enlarged and displayed on your living room walls so you don't want your outfits to clash with the curtains! In addition, when choosing your palette you want to think about 3 or 4 different colors that coordinate to avoid being overly 'matchy-matchy.' 


2. Avoid too much pattern: 

Bold patterns and logos distract from you. I recommend wearing solid colors or subtle patterns so that it is you that stands out, not your clothes. On kids it's okay to be a little more bold, but still staying away from lots of loud pattern or neon colors.  

3. Layering: 

Layers are flattering and texture is interesting in a photograph. Both for children and adults. Some examples are layering a t-shirt under a button down shirt or a simple knit sweater over a lightly patterned shirt. 


4. Don't forget the details: 

This is so important! Don't forget that the camera sees all, so make sure your shoes are clean and stylish too! Classic jewelry can accent an outfit perfectly for the ladies. In addition, ladies, make sure your hair is styled and wear a little more makeup than usual. Guys, get your hair cut a few days to a week before the session for a fresh, put together look.  If you wear eyeglasses and are able to, make sure they are glare free and don't have photochromic lenses (that darken automatically in daylight). 

5. Lay it all out together ahead of time: 

This is super helpful to make sure everything coordinates well. Sometimes things aren't quite as perfect as we thought in our heads and you don't want to realize this on the morning of your session! Feel free to text me a picture of all the outfits laid out together as well if you are not sure if a piece goes or you want advice! I love seeing what you are wearing a head of time so that I have a vision for your session as well! And speaking of doing things ahead of time, make sure everything is wrinkle free and clean a few days ahead of time too so you aren't scrambling to iron it on the way out the door!